Monday, April 28, 2008

'Cause I found this Pearl

Here is a really cool song by Downhere. I think it really describes what it's like to have everything without really pursuing God. If you are a Christian, you know how it is. You may have blessing after blessing, but deep inside, you really long for something more. Then the Holy Spirit pursues you and draws you into the loving arms of the Lord.

"Stone" by Downhere:

So much for fame and things you can lose
So much for substitutes
So much for the strain of playing a game
Where champions always lose everything
I won't treat Your love
Like an adolescent fling
'Cause when everyone's gone
You're the only one who stays

I'd rather be Your stone
Than light up another's sky
I'd rather be Your stone
'Cause all your stones become your diamonds

You gave me a name I could never gain
With even my college try
Convinced by Your touch, it was more than enough
I'm leaving old treasures in the dust
'Cause I found this pearl
I'd give everything to have, I have it

Out of darkest deep, You dig me up
And You crush me and You lift me up
And to give You thanks
I can only love You more

If you don't know Christ, and really long to know the Truth, I encourage you to seek the truth of God that is found in the Bible. Start by reading the book of John; this book really gives you an idea of who Christ was. You hear all sorts of things about who Jesus was, but this book really gives you insight into what it was like know Jesus in person. You won't be disappointed. :-)

If you are a believer going through a dry time now, may the Lord fill you up to all His fulness and may you grasp even the smallest bit of the knowledge of His sweet and everlasting love for you. :-)


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